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We’ve delivered a number of enterprise-level platforms across several industries, all of which were well-received by both internal and client users alike. Our approach is to understand the business needs, industry standards and the ultimate reason for a software requirement.


We undergo thorough discovery and scoping sessions, not only to identify how the company works but also to ensure the end product will provide an enjoyable user experience. We deliver desktop/web apps as well as complementary or standalone native mobile apps, depending on the market and customer requirements.

A key part of this service is interpreting the requirements into an easy-to-digest brief for our clients so they understand what will be delivered, but also critically, a detailed, intricate technical specification for system developers to refer to when coding the product. An ambiguous specification can lead to issues throughout the build of the system, but we’re experts at taking that potential risk away with the briefs we provide.


Whilst the complexities of software development can’t be understated, our customers see nothing but clean, user-friendly, engaging and market-leading results.


Whether you have your own development team or need us to deliver this aspect too, we’ve got the skills, experience and passion to design market-leading software than can transform your business and add financial and cultural value.

Our software design offering includes:


  • Detailed scoping sessions

  • Jargon-free proposals for non-technical customers

  • Detailed technical specifications for system developers

  • User stories and workflows, mapping out all aspects of the system requirements

  • Aesthetic design and wireframes

  • Interactive prototypes which show our customers how the end product will look, feel and behave

  • Project management of development sprints with timely updates and demos at key milestone dates

  • Post deployment support and tweaks

  • A knowledge base for all users to remove unnecessary helpdesk costs


  • Compliance and legislation management

  • Payroll processing software

  • Time & Attendance

  • Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Customisable works management platforms with supporting mobile apps

  • Purchase Order management software

  • HR and employee management

Software Design


As with our software design offering, we undertake discovery sessions by working alongside your key staff to identify possible inefficiencies, but we then propose detailed solutions to improve your processes and workflows without the need for bespoke development.


Depending on the results of the discovery, we may tighten up workflows by removing duplication and manual administration; we may also integrate some off-the-shelf applications/software options which can massively improve the day-to-day working of a business.

These solutions are piloted with internal users to ensure the end goal can be achieved with less hassle whilst gaining more insight into business operations. Everyone benefits and we can phase improvements in to suit your timescales.

Many times, the solutions we implement may bring no additional long-term costs as we can best utilise existing subscriptions such as Office365 where tools and workflows just need some tweaking.


  • Digitalised manual check sheets

  • Payroll process improvements

  • Implementation of ISO standards

  • Calendar and booking management

  • Online payment integration

  • Accident management and reporting

  • Using QR codes for fast access to forms and data

  • Surveys with real-time results and insights

  • Automated flows across all teams and departments

  • Off-the-shelf clocking in/out for flexible workers



As businesses grow, more and more data becomes available which can provide an understanding of all aspects of performance. Whether sales, operations, marketing, payroll or accounts, key decisions can sometimes be made too late due to lack of visibility of management information.

Data can also be fragmented from one set to another, creating hours of manual reporting each week just to understand some key company metrics.

We have 20+ years of data analysis skills which not only help visualise and present data in an easy, digestible manner but we can connect multiple, standalone data sources into a single reporting repository so all areas of the business have easy access to make decisions. 

This often comes hand-in-hand with our process improvement offering and has been proven to identify external client/supplier data and billing errors, facilitating the recovery of millions of pounds of overcharges over the years.

Our team is able to provide platforms to hook up existing data-sets within a business, create a new data repository to replacement manual files in multiple locations, or undertake a one-off exercise to analyse data. Even if your data is in a less-than-ideal format, we've never come across a file or database we've not been able to cleanse, clean up and provide in-depth analysis of.

Our data service offering includes:

  • Dashboards

  • Removal of admin duplicated throughout business

  • Validation and rules to remove errors

  • Consolidate management information sourced from multiple data sources

  • Data cleansing

  • Tools to control key parts of business if support bespoke or off-the-shelf systems are not affordable

  • Advanced formula to remove manual admin

  • Data analysis to find cost savings and invoicing errors


  • 13m€ data cleanse resulting in 2.4m€ saving for a global shipping company

  • £1M data cleanse exercise for a UK-based grounds maintenance firm resulting in a £720k rebate

  • Live reporting and dashboards for 200 remote teams' daily performance

  • P&L management and forecasting templates, customised for specific industries

  • Periodic, ongoing reports identifying trends for leading a telecoms company

  • Live compliance reporting for one of the largest UK supermarkets



In addition to our core services above, we also provide ongoing and one-off support for all manner of business support issues. Whether we’ve provided a core service or you just need someone to lean on to help your team, we can provide direct support to take any headaches away. 


We can help you learn more about tools and applications you already have access to in your subscriptions, as well as guide you through remote or face-to-face training for the more advanced aspects of your work. We’re also happy to review existing tools, spreadsheets and flows you have in place which may not be working as you need them to.


Support offerings include:

  • Office 365 issues - Excel, SharePoint, Flow and Power Apps

  • Excel training for beginners, intermediate and advanced users

  • Design support for Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD etc.

  • Accountancy software such as Xero, Sage, Books and QuickBooks

  • Project Management tools and guidance

Process Improvement
Data Visibility
Support Services
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